Thursday, March 18, 2010

Earth Hour, Earth Day and Earth Week are rapidly approaching us. In light of all this, we at Ecojot are doing an Earth/Ecojot Celebration. It's a Giveaway with a slight twist & a bit more work on your part. Instead of just leaving a comment on how you would save the world and do your little bit. (which is very important as well!)
You can send us a photo, scan or drawing of how you are using your ecojot. Whether it's a drawing, a doodle or a daydream. Anything really, it just has to involve an Ecojot product and YOU.
Winners will receive $100 plus a nice little set of more Ecojot. Check out our flickr page for some inspiration and have fun! Winners will be announced on EARTH DAY, April 22nd. So that gives you a nice bit of time to get cracking. You can email me your entries, jpgs please. carolyngavin{at}rogers{dot}com

EARTH HOUR - March 27th, 8.30-9.30pm
EARTH WEEK - April 16th - 25th
EARTH DAY - April 22nd

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