Tuesday, April 27, 2010

Entry #3

Liberty writes..."I have severe chemical sensitivities and I react to chlorine-whitened paper and regular inks so I love your products!  Even when I was really bad, I was able to use your books without wearing gloves. Thanks so much for your products and for making them affordable! "
Titles of the pieces include "Home", "Joy" and "Inspiration". Thank you Liberty for sending us your great work.

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  1. Thanks so much Carolyn and Mark!
    If anyone wants to see the full 'Joy' image (a lot is cut off here), you can view it here:
    Joy Drawing

    I love, love, love Ecojot products and was very excited to see your new 'Orange' line of sketchbooks with the thick, 160lb paper!
    I'm hoping that my local Chapters will carry them along with the other Ecojot products it has.