Tuesday, July 20, 2010

Ecojot Giveway

Are you messy or neat?
IPhone, rescue remedy, ecojot agenda, tape, sock monkey, pens, computer, glue, scissors, water, earphones, lip balm and ecojot "Joy journal", sharpener, business cards.
All of these items were found on the desk of Carolyn Gavin, artistic director of ecojot.
What does your desk look like? Often it's a reflection of who you are and what's happening in your private world. We at ecojot are looking for photos of interesting and unusual work spaces.
 The only requirement is that 1 or more ecojot products are present in the photo.
We'll award $100 + 6 ecojot items to the winner!

Please upload your images to our Ecojot Flickr page here or email mark@ecojot.com
Deadline for this Aug 15 - so get creative!


  1. i would love to win but unfortunately had no access mexico buy ecojot, now live in us, but still declare myself a fan of their products :)



  2. Is this available to Canada?

  3. Thank you for this contest, I remember last year's well when there was still ecojotter. :)
    I blogged about this just in case anyone stumbles upon it and learns about ecojot. :)