Thursday, September 2, 2010

How can we be better?

We are doing our research for 2011. We are looking at launching a great new selection of Ecojot products and wanted YOUR feedback. Any thoughts, suggestions, ideas, improvements... we would love to hear them all. Whether it be less wire, more lines, soft covers, round corners, more quotes, less quotes, no quotes, thank you notes, party invites... we're open to any and every suggestion YOU have.
In anticipation of all these wonderful ideas, Ecojot thanks YOU enormously!


  1. As an artist, I *love* your line. I have purchased several journals and given them as gifts. I am a big fan of the trio of the small soft covered note books. I buy those just because.

    I'd love to see tabs-just cuts in the edges of the pages and yes, I'd like the aesthetic of rounded corners.

    I'd also buy a journal if it had grids in it for planning things. I'm an organizer and I'd like little rectangles printed on the page so I could jot notes to myself about tasks and then cross them off. Or preprinted lists with tick boxes.

    *geek* :)

    Keep up the fantastic work! I'm going to add you to my google reader and link you on my blog as soon as I get back from the PNE.

  2. I love blank pages for art journalling on, and rounded corners.

  3. So far I love EVERYthing you've put out!
    As a mixed-media artist, the thing I would love to see is more options/styles that have heavyweight paper that is less likely to buckle with wet techniques and less likely to have ink bleed through to the other side (making it unusable).
    One thing that I love so much and hope you *never* change is the spiral binding. Being able to lay the books entirely flat is a must for me when I buy journals and art books.
    Another thing I'd love would be coloured and/or patterned cardstock weight papers to be used in crafts, collage etc.
    I don't know of any of those made with vegetable inks and without chlorine.

    p.s. rounded corners sounds awesome!