Thursday, November 4, 2010

Jumbo art

Ecojot donated 40 Journals to this great cause. Here is a letter from Juliana as well as her own artwork in an Ecojot Jumbo journal...

"We will be visiting the women's correctional facility November 20th where we will hold a workshop for forty women. The foundation WWish was founded by my friend Laura and helps women build their self esteem and learn how to love themselves again so they can begin healing from their earlier trauma and obstacles that have taken them down some hard roads.  Your journals will be part of their healing process. We will teach them about writing to relieve stress but also about drawing and letting their emotions spread across the page to help heal sorrow and anger."

If you wish to send us your work using any of our products, we'd love to see it. Who knows we may even publish it!


  1. Such lovely art you have posted there! So nice to see, I'll have to keep that in mind once I get my Eco jot sketchin' book! :D

  2. what a great sounding project. I have run workshops in prison and other similar places and truly believe art and creativity is one of the greatest ways to starting a healing, 'moving-on' process.

    Loads of luck with it (found you through a decor8 comment) :)